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Supporting and transforming our customers' businesses

We design, deploy & manage hybrid / multi cloud architectures enabling application & data portability across all cloud platforms. You choose to deploy the right workload, in the right place, at the right time to suit your business and operational requirements.

DATA – seamless management, policy & logical movement of data within & between any cloud platform.
SECURITY – application & data security is consistent across all cloud platforms.
CONNECTIVITY & AVAILABILITY – continuous availability of the cloud platforms along with the applications and data being hosted.

Our core competencies

We are living in the digital age.
Everything that underlies our personal and our business lives is digital in nature. We help you get the digital age right.
Through the provision of advice and technology we assist our customers drive long term & sustainable competitive advantage.

Consulting & Delivery

At Diversus Group we work to identify any points of weakness that can be crucial to the success of your organisation. In doing so we also provide access and solutions to better secure your organisation’s sensitive data. This consultative approach allows DG to truly understand your business and build trust with our clients.

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Technology Fulfilment

Diversus Group can source and provide your organisation with the right technology, at the right time and the right place – hence Diversus Group takes pride with partnering with only the best tech companies in the world.

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Managed Services Solution & Cloud

With increased IT complexity, which can be challenging to navigate, hybrid environments allow dexterity, speed, and flexibility, without sacrificing security. Diversus Group’s managed cloud service allows your company to increase its dexterity with consumption based cloud services.

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Staff Augmentation

Whether or not you have your own IT staff, Diversus can integrate people into your team. By teaming up with Diversus you can expand your team to include onsite and remote contract staff. These staff will work directly with you and your systems to make sure things are working smoothly and efficiently.

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