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The New Normal – Welcome to the distributed enterprise…

Traditional enterprise application & data protection focused on a strong perimeter fence. This approach worked when the apps and data was stored inside our own network. We held the keys to the door and our business applications and data didn’t need to leave our own environment.

Our data now lives in different locations throughout its lifecycle; hybrid and multicloud deployment models are the new norm. Whether data is within our own enterprise storage arrays, in the public cloud, on the edge in IoT ‘things’, or sometimes a combination of them all, you are still responsible for its security, protection and governance.

The Cloud means we can no longer operate by simply fencing ourselves off from the outside world; we can’t rely on a traditional firewall to protect our empire and traditional anti-virus (AV) to catch any nasties that manage to sneak in.

Total Cyber Security Solutions - Diversus Group Australia

Connected by a combination of physical and virtual networks, the modern data center is a complicated place, often managed by different teams within IT. As the old saying goes, “complexity is the enemy of security.” We help organisations to secure their entire environment, from the datacenter, branch and remote offices, devices at the edge and through to the public cloud.


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