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Records for SharePoint, Office 365, File System & Physical Records

All the content, under complete control.

Records management, redefined.

Fact: Records Managers are not SharePoint experts. End users are reluctant to perform traditional records management tasks.
We provides solutions everyone can agree on!

easy for users

Easy for users

Fully automate Records rules with manual approval or run them with user or business owner input. Whatever your organisation requires, we give you the level of automation you need.

easy for records managers

Even easier for RMs

Built by Records Managers, for Records Managers. Don’t sift through multiple Office 365 interfaces to achieve your policy goals or just hope end users to make the right decisions.



Records can be deployed on-premises, or in Azure to support hybrid deployments. We’re committed to support the latest Microsoft releases, fast—so you never have to wait for compatibility.

Simplify your Records Manager’s life

Provide your Records Managers an intuitive, fit-for-purpose, single-pane-of-glass interface to do their job. Records brings order while removing the burden of traditional records management.



Manage a classification scheme or file plan, or apply multiple rules to a single classification and set term expiration



View settings, apply an entire term set, subset of a term or set, or default term to an Office 365 or SharePoint location



Build business rules to manage an information lifecycle using action- or date-based triggers, or metadata to drive rules



Reduce risk by disposing of content that’s outdated, duplicated, or no longer needed

Automate and kickback

Apply automated business rules to manage your SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2010, Office 365 and file system content, plus physical records—from creation, to classification, and retention—to achieve compliance without user intervention. Maintain oversight with built-in reporting and auditing, all from one place.

one interface

One interface for all

Automatically configure and manage a classification scheme, apply retention and disposal rules, and apply terms

flexible rules

Flexible rules

Build business rules automatically or ad-hoc to determine action- or date-based lifecycle outcomes, using any metadata

fast insights

Fast insights access

Proactively report on actions performed by a user with out-of-the-box reporting and interrogate audit trails of action

physical records

Let’s get physical

Manage physical records alongside your electronic content. Make requests, keep track, and react

  • Classification

    Manage a classification scheme or file plan or apply multiple rules to a single classification and set term expiration

  • Retention & Disposal

    Build business rules to manage an information lifecycle and drive them with action- or date-based triggers or metadata

  • Choose your rules

    Delete, retain, declare, or export content based on business rules. Configurable rules will automatically react

  • Reporting

    Records Managers will be able to proactively manage information outcomes with comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting


  • Auditing

    Interrogate audit trails of actions performed on an item, or by a specific user to ensure and document record integrity

  • Physical records

    Request existing files or create new ones. Maintain oversight and perform space management activities with reporting.

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