If you're not Monitoring it, you can't Measure it and therefore can't Manage it

In our experience, organisations with an internal IT function roughly fall into four categories;

  1. ‘Daily checks‘. Utilising native product administrative consoles to confirm systems are operating as expected. This approach is labour intensive, leaves room for human error and provides very limited visibility to the leadership teams unless more effort is spent on generating reports and by the time it’s presented it is already outdated.
  2. ‘Swivel chair‘. Some systems provides native some form of native monitoring and alerting and although the administrative insights might be unparalleled, the monitoring component is not ideal as systems administrators have to swivel chair between various consoles and rely on email notifications to alert them of incidents that required their attention. There’s still very limited visibility to the leadership team as in the first group.
  3. ‘Overflowing toolbox‘. Whether it’s through mergers and acquisitions, organic growth, or simply inferior monitoring tools, organisations end up with a range of monitoring tools that are no longer capable of monitoring a complicated hybrid, multi-cloud environments. This results in multiple point solutions that don’t correlate events, increasing diagnosis time to establish the root cause of an incident. The traditional monitoring tools also require many resources to both run and operate and in isolation unable to provide a holistic view to both administrators and leadership teams.
  4. ‘Integration to Event Management systems‘. While this might be the answer in a scenario where there are limited or non-existent monitoring capability for bespoke systems, this is a very expensive, complicated and ongoing labour intensive solution as the integrator constantly has to play ‘catch-up’ as new products and features are released and face the challenge of event correlation and route cause analysis.

Whether your organisation has an internal function or not, DG has a solution for you!

‘Born in the cloud.’ Whether your IT systems are on-prem, in a private cloud, public cloud or across a multi-cloud environment, DG’s monitoring solution can monitor those resources and systems and can be provided to you in the form of SaaS, PaaS and or Monitoring as a Service(MaaS) as part of a tailored Managed Service.

Activation of the monitoring service simply requires the deployment of one or more collectors (in the form of a virtual appliance) depending on the size and location(s) of your IT infrastructure.
Once collectors are deployed and system credentials are provided discovery of the environment starts and monitoring enabled as Configuration Items are discovered. We have been able to monitor an environment of nearly 4000 systems in 4 weeks from initiation the discovery.

The monitoring solution is multi-tenanted so whether you’re a Managed Service Provider or a large enterprise with siloed departments or specialised IT administrators, monitoring can be segregated as appropriate.

Role-based access allows appropriate security whether it is to different administrative levels, focus group or business function/client with customisable dashboards to provide user appropriate insights and visibility of the IT environment.

Our Monitoring Platform have ‘Out of the box’ integrations to a range of popular ITSM & CRM systems such as ServiceNow, Autotask, ConnectWise as well as other systems such as Ansibile, Puppet, Slack, HipChat and PagerDuty just to name a few… There is also an open API for custom integrations.

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