Gain visibility and innovate faster with insights across your hybrid infrastructure

With Cloud Insights, you can protect your data, monitor, troubleshoot and optimise all your resources in your private data centres and public clouds.

Cloud Insights helps you to

  • Reduce mean time to resolution by 90% and prevent 80% of cloud issues from impacting end users
  • Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by an average of 33%
  • Reduce your exposure to insider threats by protecting your data with actionable intelligence
Multi Cloud Dashboard - Diversus Group - Australia

Visibility for various perspectives

Select from predefined Dashboard Gallery, customise or create your own to ensure the relevant visibility is provided to the various business and or technical functions. Control who can and can’t view, customise or create reports and dashboards with Reporting User Roles.

Dashboards can also be grouped presenting a one-stop shop for team leaders as example, to gain cross-domain visibility including associated costs and performance.

Machine Learning & Alerting

  • Automatically build topologies, correlate metrics and detect greedy or degraded resources, and resource contention and optimise performance.
  • Less noise, more relevance; alert on anomalous user behaviour to detect security threats. Targeted and conditional alerts you can customize precisely.
NetApp Cloud Insight - Diversus Group

Cloud Optimisation

Effective resource management lets engineers and administrators proactively reduce waste and maximise utilisation as part of their daily workflows to prevent performance bottlenecks and do more with less.

Cloud Insights integrates with and monitors an ever-growing list of public clouds, services and infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Save money across your hybrid multi-cloud environment by identifying unused or abandoned resources.

Discover opportunities to right-size the infrastructure and optimise your entire spend.

Find out more about effective and automated cloud cost optimisation.

Protect Your Data with Actionable Intelligence on Insider Threats

Protect organizational data from being misused by malicious or compromised users through advanced machine learning and anomaly detection.
Ensure corporate compliance by auditing user data access to your critical corporate data stored on-premises or in the cloud.

Cloud Insights follows security best practices throughout the release life cycle to ensure customer information and data is secured.

Cloud Insights performs independent third-party Audit and validations from external Licensed CPA firm of its security, processes, and services, including completion of the SOC 2 Audit. More about security

Next Steps: Road Test Cloud Insights

Our hybrid- multi-cloud, Cloud Insights Proof of Value (POV) provides real-time live analytics across a selected environment within your on-premise or public cloud platform.

You will see dashboards for both business and technical functions that provide a visualisation of the topology, availability, performance and utilisation of the chosen environment. Find out more about the POV process here.

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