Governance: Balance collaboration & control

Cloud Governance for Office 365…where collaboration and control intersect. Good governance ensures Microsoft Teams security and Office 365 management requirements are met.

Self-Service Enablement

Empower users to get more from their Office 365 services.

Present users with a clear and relevant catalog of Office 365 services. Guide users to exactly what they need with simple business questions, and ensure they’re always using the right tools for the job.

Simplified catalog of Office 365 services tailored to specific audiences
Business-focused questionnaires guide users to appropriate services
Flexible, governed services enable user control

Balanced Controls

Promote adoption while still managing Office 365 security and compliance.

Choose which actions, options, and requests should be available to who—and it’ll be easy for users to follow the rules! With right-sized controls already in place, policies will remain enforced, risk reduced, and productivity will increase.

Use automatic approvals for low-risk requests, or involve multiple approvers and levels for higher-risk requests
Conditional approvals allow for dynamic and appropriate oversight
Contextual governance policies are applied based on roles and type of request

Efficiency Through Automation

Repeatable and consistent service delivery

Ensure policy enforcement while freeing up your operations team from manual and repetitive work. With over 20 service types that’ll automate everything from Microsoft Teams security and compliance to SharePoint governance, Office 365 management, and Office 365 retention policies, we’ll handle the day-to-day tasks and let your IT team continue to drive value from your Office 365 investment.

Increase productivity by automating most actions in Office 365
Ensure process compliance from request through approval, and to production
Everybody wins with simplified requests for users and automated execution for ops teams

Ongoing Governance

Oversee and automate Office 365 auditing, data ownership and access.

Set requirements for workspaces that require ongoing oversight and manage the review process for content owners. Automatically generate a “renewal task” to re-certify user access, permissions and roles. Ensure data owners and administrators always have an accurate inventory of what they have, why it exists, who it belongs to, and when was the last time that information was verified.

Gather, verify and maintain accurate ownership and classification of your workspaces
Audit compliance of required ownership, security and classification reviews
Easily report on a current and complete inventory of all Office 365 workspaces​
Service Management - Diversus Group

Managed Disposition

Automation Office 365 retention policies

Control growth and duplication of Office 365 content with automated cataloguing, archiving, and deletion of workspaces. Apply lifecycle policies to your Sites, Groups and Teams to ensure the important stuff is kept and the rest is disposed of appropriately. Trigger de-provisioning for idle or unneeded workspaces based on user inactivity or time frame.

Prevent sprawl and clutter with automated archiving or deletion
Extend access to useful workspaces and create a structured end-of-life for others​
Ensure time or inactivity-based end-of-life plans for all workspaces​

To-Do it all in Teams with MyHub

A convenient one-stop shop for requesting new Office 365 workspaces and managing your existing ones—all from Microsoft Teams! MyHub provides you with easy-to-use provisioning, recertification, and lifecycle services without burdening your IT team.

MyHub MS Teams

Supporting the latest in Microsoft Teams, Groups, and SharePoint Sites

We make it easy to import existing Microsoft Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites to automate service requests and management of content ownership, policies, and lifecycle according to evolving business needs.

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