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Cloud Backup

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Designed with the future in mind

Our robust capacity planning ensures your backups run up to 4 times a day, every day, to avoid throttling and achieve maximum performance. We keep up with the pace of changes and support the latest features and advanced workloads to make sure you’ve always got data protection greatness.

SaaS platforms cover service disruptions, but good luck recovering lost, deleted, or corrupt content, especially past 30 days! Our Cloud Backup makes the best of a worst-case scenario. Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—we’ve got your back(up).

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  cloud backup for   Microsoft 365


Unmatched coverage with our Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365

SaaS platforms cover service disruptions, but good luck recovering lost, deleted, or corrupt content, especially past 30 days! Our Cloud Backup makes the best of a worst-case scenario. Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—we’ve got your back(up).

backup exchange online

Exchange Online
Mailboxes, Archives, folders, chats, calendars, contacts, messages, permissions and more

backup sharepoint online

SharePoint Online
Site collections, sites, lists, libraries, folders, items, metadata, security settings, and version history

backup office 365 groups

Office 365 Groups
Group files, conversations, notebooks, sites, and more

backup microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams
Teams channels, private channels, conversations, work files, meeting items, and more

backup onedrive for business

OneDrive for Business
Lists, libraries, folders, items, metadata, security settings, and version history

backup  public folders

Public Folders
Mailboxes, messages, files, contacts, forms, and postings

backup project online

Project Online
Project plans, jobs, tasks, and files

backup microsoft planner

Tasks, buckets, progress, labels, and assignments

Why do I need Office 365 backup?

While enabling retention and versioning can help preserve critical files and mail, you're still responsible for additional data protection scenarios.
Without the right backup plan, data recovery can be really expensive, or even impossible!


What’s not covered by Microsoft native protection…
- Loss of data due to malicious insiders, hacktivists, malware or ransomware
- Recovery from prolonged outages
- Loss of data due to departing employees and deactivated accounts
- Long-term accidental deletion coverage with selective rollback


Meet AVA - Your new Virtual Assistant!

The Virtual Assistant that helps users find lost content. AVA responds to Microsoft Teams chats to help users find lost files or emails, without burdening your help desk or IT teams

Empowered restore
AVA allows users to find, recover, and restore lost content themselves.

Search & recover
Locate missing, misplaced, or deleted files or emails in Exchange, Outlook, or OneDrive.

Savings for days
Eliminates help desk and end users from wasting precious time (and money) seaching for content.

Security trimmed
Respects your already set permissions so users can locate only the content that's allowed.


Flexible Restore

We restore more and with the most flexible restore there is
Easy to use but powerful restore capabilities actually save admins time! Cloud Backup provides comprehensive coverage for all the collaboration materials you generate, and not just the files. What sets us apart, though, is the restore. With extensive coverage and restore options, we’ll meet your needs with ease.

Granular restore
On-demand granular recovery manages conflicts to ensure the most authoritative copy is recovered.

Out-of-place restore
Restore content out of place, directly to any mailbox, site, OneDrive, or Group.

Offline restore
Export files, mail items, or conversations directly to a local storage.

Security rollback
Perform full security rollbacks to undo unintended Office 365 permissions changes.

Object-based restore
Directly locate files or emails by utilizing searching full-text for rapid discovery.

Point-in-time restore
Recover content to a specific point in time using a simple calendar based interface.

End user restore
AVA Chat Bot allows users to perform restores while keeping security in mind.

Delegated restore
Delegate restores to trusted users based on roles or security trimming by locations.


GDRP Compliance and more

Backup with GDPR, governance and compliance in mind
Cloud Backup helps you meet your GDPR, Governance, and Compliance requirements—whether you’re subject to GDPR or need to respond to internal audits for mail, calendars, and OneDrives. No matter what, we’ve got you covered with a dedicated Privacy Dashboard and data deletion capabilities.

Right to be forgotten
Search across user Exchange mailboxes as well as OneDrives. Remove users’ data from your backups.

DSAR processing
Export all the latest information in a given user’s OneDrive or Mailbox to comply with EU GDPR Article 15.

Admin auditing
In addition to auditing restore operations, track administrative activity, including who made changes or downloaded a report.

Preserve accountability
Record the consent to purge and delete data for accountability, plus create a trail of evidence for the Defensible Deletion of the content for proof.

Validate data security
Control access to view and manage backups and restores. Security trimming based on role or Office 365 permissions.

Status monitoring
Monitor and produce reports of your protection status across Office 365 Exchange mailboxes, calendars, Groups, Teams, SharePoint, and more.

Granular content deletion
Search for and delete content from Office 365 backups across the whole organization.



Dashboard insights keep you informed and in control

Insights into data consumption and growth not only show how much data you’ve backed up, but also enable predictions to know how much you may grow in the future based on past trends.

cloud backup for   MS Dynamics 365

Complete Dynamics 365 backup.

Around-the-clock protection for business-critical Dynamics 365 CRM with automated backups, and granular, item-level restore. Store data wherever and recover whenever—it’s safe with our 256-bit encryption.

Worry-free protection

Automated, unlimited backups of CRM data up to four times a day. Data protection and retention requirements are met.

Anywhere, anytime access

Restore and access on-demand with full-fidelity recovery. Get back to work faster, so you can leave on time!

Sensible storage

Your data is kept safe and encrypted in our cloud. Bring your own Microsoft Azure Key if you like, and your own storage too!

Appease SLAs

Minimize Dynamics 365 data loss, downtime, and restore times while satisfying aggressive Service Level Agreements.

dynamics 365 screenshot


A safe space for entities, contacts, fields, & more!

Safeguard CRM data. With AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365, security is always a priority, whether performing or exporting a backup, creating reports, or restoring, or securing data— all with just a click.


SaaS & chill
Cloud Backup is a 100% Azure-hosted SaaS application with automatic updates. No servers, installations, or stressed IT.

Bring your storage (or not)
Secure data in our Microsoft Azure storage, your own Azure Storage or any SFTP or FTP server.

Automatic backups
Log in, set it—don’t fret it. Automatically backup up to four times a day and store data wherever you’d like!

Encryption prescription
Leaks and attacks are no match for our 265-bit encryption. Bring your own Microsoft Azure Encryption key for extra security.

Flexible restore
Access, search, and restore entities and records for targeted rollback based on properties, including content owner, date created and modified.

Compare backups
Comparison reports let you see what’s changed between backups, and locate the entity you must restore, when you need it.

Together, forever
Metadata, permissions, and properties are fully maintained when you restore content.

Unlimited retention
We offer unlimited retention to ensure 100% of your backup data is safe, sound and fully recoverable.

Dynamics 365 native functionality extended



Flexible Backup Solution


Granular Restore


Backup Data Retention

Cloud Backup

Backs up Dynamics 365 data up to 4 times a day on flexible schedule

Can restore granular items with metadata and permissions intact

Unlimited retention for 100% of your backup data

Dynamics 365 Native

Backs up Dynamics 365 data once a day on fixed schedule

Can restore only at the instance level and sandbox instance level

On-demand backups are retained for up to 3 days

cloud backup for salesforce

Accidents happen, protect your business-critical data with SaaS Cloud Backup.

Data loss is a nightmare. Make sure it’s secure with Cloud Backup for Salesforce. With one-click setup, automated daily backups, Microsoft Azure Encryption, and comprehensive restore options, you can rest easy.

Cloud Backup for Salesforce provides you with...


Worry-free protection

Once a day, automatic backup with the ability to schedule more. Data protection and retention requirements are always met.

Comprehensive restore

Access, search, and restore Salesforce data granularly or in bulk, at the organization, object, record, and field level.


Secure encryption

Data’s safe in the cloud. Breaches and attacks are no match for Microsoft Azure Encryption plus user account security.

Why you need Salesforce backup?

You’ve invested in Salesforce… now you must protect your data. Even Salesforce says you need to back it up. While they have the power of recovering data up to three months old, this is a last-ditch effort. Their option is timely, costly, complicated, and doesn’t even include metadata!


Salesforce Native Data & Metadata Backup Protection

Data export service: Manual or scheduled exports of your data via the UI

Data loader: Manual on-demand exports of your data via the API

Report export: Manual on-demand exports of your data via reports

Change sets: Copy metadata from your production org. to a sandbox developer org

Sandbox refresh: By refreshing a related sandbox, your configuration metadata is copied over automatically migration tool: Java/Ant-based command-line utility moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce org IDE: Client application for creating, modifying, and deploying applications

DG SaaS Protection

Automatic, daily, and comprehensive backup of data and metadata, or schedule it up to five times per day

Quickly restores data and metadata at organisation, object, record, and field levels

Restoration of parent and child relationship records to ensure integrity

Out-of-place restore with full fidelity and user mapping to any connected production or sandbox Salesforce organisation

Central command dashboard to run an extra backup, view usage graphs, and audit user activities

Audit user actions, including login, backup, and restore

100% cloud hosted, no installation or configuration. Encrypted and secure data protection

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