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Data Management

Extend & Enhance your NetApp Data Management Capabilities
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The challenges of data management

Regardless of the pace of technological change and digital transformation, enterprises drive value with data. This explosive information growth means data protection is not only more important than ever before but being capable to quickly & easily search through billions of files and restore the required data is paramount.

Today’s enterprises are always on, organisations expect 24×7 access to their data, services & applications. Restore requests take many forms such as legal discovery, regulatory compliance, privacy requests or cyber incidents such as Ransomware. Regardless, the expectation is that IT will be able to identify the file or files and recover them near instantaneously.

Utilising highly skilled & high-cost NetApp storage administrators to perform mundane backup and recovery tasks does not make sound economic sense, let alone recognising the opportunity cost of taking them off higher value tasks and activities.

While NetApp’s data protection features are some of the most advanced in the industry, leveraging that technology for scheduling, managing and enforcing backups requires strong NetApp knowledge. Restoration of files means direct access rights are required to the NetApp or VMware infrastructure and requires the same high skill and valuable resource.


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The solution

Cleondris Data Manager (CDM) is the ultimate add-on for NetApp ONTAP & HCI. Utilised in some of the world’s largest NetApp deployments (including NetApp’s own internal IT where over 19 billion files have been indexed), CDM simplifies and enhances the NetApp native data protection toolsets.

Initially developed in 2010, CDM is built upon a stable code base and backwards compatibility is guaranteed with support & maintenance available for up to 5 years. CDM supports ONTAP from 7.3.3 through to current 9.x

The solution can be installed and/or updated into an existing NetApp environment in a matter of minutes; this could be on-premise, next to or in the cloud.

The simple and intuitive browser based interface is standalone, is not a plugin and does not rely on NetApp SnapManager or other helpers. No NetApp console user account is required and a mature role-based access control system restricts system access to authorised users.

Abstracting complexity allows lower skilled and lower cost resources to backup, index and restore files and virtual machines without having any NetApp or VMware knowledge. All sensitive activity is logged, while the powerful event system allows integration into third-party products such as SPLUNK.

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Our engineers and consultants are recognised as the “go-to” NetApp subject matter experts in A/NZ and apply real-world experience to your NetApp environment. Working with the largest of enterprise customers throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as global organisations, our staff have gained valuable insight and experience to help you achieve the most from your technology investment.

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