5 Crucial Technology Services by an IT Consultant to Achieve Your Digital Transformation Goals

Five Crucial IT Services for Digital Transformation In this digital era, streamlining data and ensuring user experience are the two crucial aspects of digital transformation for an organisation. To ensure a successful digital transformation process, an enterprise requires two essential components, innovative technology and smart progressive people. Simply put, only…

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What is Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: The Best of Both Worlds.Diversus Group introduces Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. At times it is just blatantly obvious why well managed IT plays such an important role in any successful business, and nothing shows that better than when we consider IT infrastructure. IT infrastructures have come a long…

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Types of Cloud Services

The 4 Main Categories of Cloud ServicesLet’s look at Infrastructure, Platform, and Software Cloud services and what may be right for your business. When it comes to accessing the Cloud computing services offered by the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, there are a few different categories of services available.…

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Types of Cloud Computing

Three Primary Ways to Deploy Cloud ServicesDiversus Group explain the difference between public, private, and hybrid Clouds. Cloud services, while being quite flexible and useful for streamlining your computing and IT needs, still have details and specifics that must be addressed. When it comes to Cloud there is no ‘one…

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Why Is It Called “The Cloud”?

Diversus Group explains why it is called “The Cloud”. In the very early days of telecommunications everything was physically connected. Any two end points on the telephone network could be traced through a series of direct physical connections. Drawing these networks was relatively simple. As technology progressed from analogue to…

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What is Cloud Computing?

Diversus Group explains the important information everyone should know about moving to the cloud. For many, the mystery of ‘the Cloud’ and ‘Cloud computing’ is as vague and confusing as it has ever been. We see advertisements for the Cloud in newspapers, business magazines, and websites every day and hear…

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The Move To Remote Operation

Your Business May Be About to Experience an Impending OPEX Blow Out… and Diversus Group is Here to Explain Remote Workforce With the rapid spread of COVID-19 we have witnessed many organisations scrambling to deploy technology to support a workforce that has traditionally worked from the office. IT systems including…

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VMware HCI

Diversus Group & VMWare HCI – Helping Organizations Unlock Their Potential Diversus Group & VMware understand both private and public cloud environments & combined can create a software-defined data centre solution extending to and leveraging the cloud platform unlocking the potential for any organisation to maximise its benefits and achieve…

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Data Protection in a Cloud Based Economy

Traditional enterprise data protection focused on a strong perimeter fence – storing, managing and protecting data (often across multiple sites). This approach worked when the data was stored inside our own network. We held the keys to the door and our business applications and data didn’t need to leave our own environment.

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