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How Secure is the Hybrid or Multi Cloud Environment?

June 17, 2020

Data Security in the Cloud

Diversus Group’s safety guide to the hybrid or multi Cloud.

The hybrid or multi Cloud environment can be a security minefield. Many of the businesses that have not already moved to a hybrid or multi Cloud environment often claim that their reasons are purely based on the lack of security, despite vendors ensuring that it is not only safe, but endlessly efficient. Diversus Group, a NetApp partner for hybrid cloud services in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, is here to put those worries to rest.

When dealing with any Cloud environment, it is vital that you are confident with the security of your data and your business’s online presence. A consensus on the security breaches found in Cloud networks deduced that the majority of the breaches were a result of unauthorised access or hacking of accounts. This means that most security breaches into your Cloud services happens at the user level, not at the service providers end. So, when discussing security in hybrid or multi Cloud environments, what does this mean?

The key takeaway is that a hybrid or multi Cloud environment is very secure — if you keep it secure.

If you work hard to employ and equally maintain best practices when interfacing and using Cloud services, you can attain a very secure hybrid or multi Cloud environment. Our number one recommendation for keeping your Cloud secure is to severely limit the users who can access certain data, and make sure that access is granted from the bottom up, increasing privileges or access only as required. Making sure you know exactly what any login can access is one of the biggest saviours in the case of a security breach. This combined with regular monitoring, security checks and updates, as well as regular rotation of passwords and access keys to your environment help to keep your Cloud safe.

To ensure that your hybrid or multi Cloud environment remains monitored regularly, Diversus Group strongly recommends that your business tracks all activity and changes within the hybrid or multi Cloud environment. This not only allows you and your business to find and eliminate any lingering or hidden threats in your network, but also helps you the find and track who is viewing or changing your sensitive data.

We often hear that one of the barriers to cloud adoption that is that the organisation has a lack of IT staff or expertise. A form of managed service known as ‘Monitoring-as-a-Service’ (MaaS) that monitors your multi Cloud environment is becoming increasingly popular. As organisations extend their network beyond the traditional business perimeter it is imperative that you know what you have, who has access to it and what they are doing. Given sprawling cloud services within an organisation, a robust monitoring solution such as Cloud Insights should help you maintain compliance against industry and government mandated standards (such as The Privacy Act in Australia) as well as providing advanced analytics on the connections between resources within your environment – both cloud and on-premises.

The objective of the game is to identify and rectify issues before they impact your users, external stakeholders and customers, and to reduce the organisations exposure to threats. A positive benefit associated with monitoring public Clouds in particular is the ability to identify unused or abandoned cloud resources that are an unnecessary expense. Consequently, you can optimise your spend through ‘right-sizing’ your cloud environment. It is not uncommon for us to identify cloud infrastructure savings of over 30%!

Concerned with your Data Security in the Cloud?

Here at Diversus Group, we take the security of your hybrid or multi Cloud environment seriously and we are committed to ensuring that your experience with the hybrid or multi Cloud world is as secure as it can be. If you want to learn more about your Cloud security or need a managed Cloud solution, Contact Diversus Group today and let us help your business thrive in the Hybrid Multi Cloud world.

Through this short info-series of mini-blogs, Diversus Group hopes to demystify the concept of the Cloud and inform you how your organisation may benefit from a hybrid or multi-Cloud strategy.

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