You Don't Know What You're Missing

The Security of your business depends on two types of information: what you know (the “known”) and what you don’t know (the “unknown”).

How serious is the “unknown”?

Consider these facts:

  • The average data breach is discovered eight months after it happened
  • Two-thirds of breached companies find out about it from a third party

Why? Most security solutions are blind to what goes on in the network. Hackers exploit this. Diversus Group in conjunction with Palo Alto are offering an assessment that reveals the unknown in your network.

Here’s some of what you will see:

  • Malware & Spyware on your network
  • Unauthorised applications
  • Violations of your security policies
  • Malicious websites your employees are accessing
  • Non-work related applications & activities
  • Comparison data for your organisation, versus that of your industry peers
  • Shadow IT

How does it work?

We put a next-generation security platform on your network to passively monitor your traffic for just one week. No action is taken on your network – we only observe the traffic. We deliver to you a written security review. The report reveals under-the-radar activity on your network and risks to your business. We meet with you to explain the findings, answer your questions and offer practical recommendations. The review is risk and obligation free.

Security Lifecycle Review Graphic - Diversus Group

Take action against this risk now!

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