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5 Crucial Technology Services by an IT Consultant to Achieve Your Digital Transformation Goals

January 11, 2021

Five Crucial IT Services for Digital Transformation

In this digital era, streamlining data and ensuring user experience are the two crucial aspects of digital transformation for an organisation.

To ensure a successful digital transformation process, an enterprise requires two essential components, innovative technology and smart progressive people.

Simply put, only adopting digital tools is not good enough for a successful digital shift. This is why your business needs smart IT consulting services to revamp your business and help you through the process of digital transformation. If your business is in Australia, a reputable technology consultant in Sydney can help you achieve your digital transformation goals seamlessly.

1. IT Consulting & Professional Services

To stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term business objectives, you need to initiate ongoing business transitions to the digital platformsmart technology consultant can provide the in-depth knowledge, expertise, and innovation needed to transform your business successfully and adopt the right technology and services. 

An IT consultant will work with you to detect the weaknesses and fix them, ensuring that the digital transformation process is as smooth as possible. The consultant will design and implement a robust business technology solution by extracting valuable information from your business data. In that effort, the consultant will also provide easy access, management, and data security regardless of its location. This unique consultative approach will build trust and understanding and ensure you have the support you need.

2. Technology Fulfilment

The fast emergence of advanced technology can help you automate your core business functions and scale up your business for sustainability and success.

An IT consultant can procure and get your organisation the right technology to accelerate the digital shift. A consultant will also help you impart hands-on training to your staff and facilitate a seamless adoption of the chosen technology. Selecting a technology that ensures user satisfaction will pay back in the long run.

3. IT Financing

The enhanced agility that technology provides can affect cashflow. An IT consultant can help source dynamic IT financing with flexible payment terms, providing finance that supports both your funding needs and helps to manage cashflow.

Besides contributing to business objectives and funding new projects, comprehensive IT financing services provides:

  • Complete finance solutions while buying software/hardware, and subscriptions.
  • Flexible repayments by aligning with your cash flow, operating budgets, income generation, and product development.
  • Tax advantages by using the tax benefits of leasing.
  • A lower cost of ownership considering different variables.

You may even be able to access the added benefit of deferred payments according to your budget cycle.

4. IT Managed Services

An IT consultant can assume the responsibility of providing highly efficient and timely technology integration and ongoing enhancement of your IT environment.

When a business grows, it also increases IT complexity, posing multiple challenges. A technology consultant will likely recommend a hybrid environment to ensure skill, speed, and flexibility, without compromising security. Managed Services also provides IT infrastructure monitoring, configuring/updating software, optimising resource usage, and improves the overall IT infrastructure.

5. IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation or subcontracting is about outsourcing human resources based on skill requirements to complete a project in a specific period. Staff augmentation is an area where you can make significant strategic savings on staffing requirements.

Whether you have in-house IT staff or not, an IT consultant brings extra skills into your organisation. The consultant can help you expand your team to include both onsite and contractual staff.

A Sydney Based Technology Consultant to Help You on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Diversus Group (DG) in Sydney provides state-of-the-art IT consulting services to ensure the flawless digital transformation of your business. As a leading technology consultant in Sydney, we specialise in cloud data storage, compliance/information management, and cyber-security. 

Our IT consulting team is committed to finding solutions that best fits our client’s needs. We will use our in-depth knowledge and technological resources to achieve business efficiency by leveraging a hybrid cloud environment. Whether you are a new or an established company, we will guide you and assist you with the tools to gain a competitive edge. 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Diversus Group if you need further information about our services or would like to discuss your organisation’s digital requirements and how we can assist you. Give us a call us on 02 6111 2900 or send us a quick message here.

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