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Cybersecurity Summit 2018 (Past Event)

September 29, 2018

With the rise in Ransomware and Botnet Malware, network security has never been more critical.

I would like to invite you to join us for breakfast to learn about current trends in Cybersecurity threats, and the advanced protection capabilities extended to your endpoints by Palo Alto Endpoint Protection, Traps 5.0.

Come and learn why we, and many industry analysts, believe that Next Generation Multi-Method Prevention improves on legacy anti-virus by combining the most effective, purpose-built, Malware and Exploits prevention methods to protect your endpoints from known and, more importantly, unknown threats.

We are providing this no-obligation event to educate both our customers and selected organisations on the latest advances in cybersecurity and in particular, vulnerabilities in end points.

Hoping that you are able to join us to learn and network with your industry peers before you get into your working day.

Chris Starsmeare
CEO Diversus Group

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