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Technology Fulfilment


Select the right technology for your business

Diversus Group can source and provide your organisation with the right technology, at the right time and the right place – hence Diversus Group takes pride with partnering with only the best tech companies in the world.

Technology fulfilment is best served by both the customer and DG selecting the right technology to meet the needs of the business then determining the most appropriate commercial arrangement.

Our Flexible Pricing

The increased IT agility provided by technology can be matched by an equally dynamic method of financing, supporting both your business goals and technology needs.

Traditional Capital Purchasing

Traditional capital (CAPEX) expense – depreciated over time / on balance sheet

Scheduled / Consumption Payments

Operating expense (OPEX) – ongoing P&L expense

Deferred Payments

Benefit from digital capabilities now & pay later – fit payment/s into your budget cycle

Budget Retirement ~ “DG Tech Bank”

Retire (‘bank’ or park) excess budget funds for use at a later date

Telstra Bill & Tech Funds

Pay via your monthly Telstra invoice and/or retire your Telstra Technology Funds

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