VMware HCI

Diversus Group & VMWare HCI – Helping Organizations Unlock Their Potential Diversus Group & VMware understand both private and public cloud environments & combined can create a software-defined data centre solution extending to and leveraging the cloud platform unlocking the potential for any organisation to maximise its benefits and achieve both ICT and business objectives.

Reducing Risk: Understanding the Five Most Common Cyber-Security Attacks and How to Combat them

Protect Your Data From Cyber Attacks In my previous blog “Fear of the Unknown: Navigating Tools of the New Digital Age”, I touched on the speed and scale of technological change. It is quite remarkable how much sensitive information travels through computers, servers, mobile devices, etc. While cybersecurity is often a priority for many companies,…

How to Create a Cloud Policy for your Small Business

As you begin to move your company away from a physical infrastructure and into the cloud, it’s important to make sure that proper security policies are in place. While you may have a general information security policy, don’t think that absolves your organisation from the need for a specific cloud security policy. The dangers that come along with using cloud software or infrastructure are markedly different than those of the typical security concerns encountered by most organisations.