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5 Crucial Technology Services by an IT Consultant to Achieve Your Digital Transformation Goals

Five Crucial IT Services for Digital Transformation In this digital era, streamlining data and ensuring user experience are the two crucial aspects of digital transformation for an ...

The Top 6 Benefits of a Tailored Managed IT Service

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What is The Internet of Things (IoT) and The Edge?

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Common Hybrid Multi Scenarios and Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Infrastructure: Is It Right for Your Business?Diversus Group explains where hybrid or multi Cloud infrastructure fits into businesses today and how you may be able ...

Is Hybrid Cloud Right for You?

Could Hybrid or Multi Cloud Be Right for Your Business?Find out if your business could benefit from Hybrid or Multi Cloud with Diversus Group. Hybrid or multi ...

What is Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: The Best of Both Worlds.Diversus Group introduces Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. At times it is just blatantly obvious why well managed IT plays such an ...

What are the Main Building Blocks of a Private Cloud?

What IT Infrastructure Does Your Organisation Need?Diversus Group introduces Converged Infrastructure & Hyper Converged Infrastructure. In our first blog in this series, we let you know that ...

What is the Main Benefit of Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Computing?

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How Secure is the Hybrid or Multi Cloud Environment?

Data Security in the CloudDiversus Group’s safety guide to the hybrid or multi Cloud. The hybrid or multi Cloud environment can be a security minefield. Many of ...

What are the Risks of Operating in a Public Cloud?

Cybersecurity Risks in the Public CloudDiversus Group’s safety tips when using a public Cloud. While the public Cloud is quite safe in some ways, there are still ...

How Secure is The Cloud?

Understanding Data Security in the CloudDiversus Group explains what you need to be aware of when it comes to storing your data in the Cloud. When it ...

Types of Cloud Services

The 4 Main Categories of Cloud ServicesLet’s look at Infrastructure, Platform, and Software Cloud services and what may be right for your business. When it comes to ...

Types of Cloud Computing

Three Primary Ways to Deploy Cloud ServicesDiversus Group explain the difference between public, private, and hybrid Clouds. Cloud services, while being quite flexible and useful for streamlining ...

Why Is It Called “The Cloud”?

Diversus Group explains why it is called "The Cloud". In the very early days of telecommunications everything was physically connected. Any two end points on the telephone ...

What is Cloud Computing?

Diversus Group explains the important information everyone should know about moving to the cloud. For many, the mystery of ‘the Cloud’ and ‘Cloud computing’ is as vague ...

The Move To Remote Operation

Your Business May Be About to Experience an Impending OPEX Blow Out… and Diversus Group is Here to Explain Remote Workforce With the rapid spread of COVID-19 ...

VMware HCI

Diversus Group & VMWare HCI – Helping Organizations Unlock Their Potential Diversus Group & VMware understand both private and public cloud environments & combined can create a …

Robotic Process Automation, ‘bots’ and you.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) As we approach the end of the third industrial revolution or the digital age, it is vital to be ...

“My Clouds’ Secure and Compliant”… Really?

Insights into Data Security in the Cloud We hear a fair bit when talking to customers, statements like the following "We'll just move this to the cloud, ...

Reducing Risk: Understanding the Five Most Common Cyber-Security Attacks and How to Combat them

Protect Your Data From Cyber Attacks In my previous blog "Fear of the Unknown: Navigating Tools of the New Digital Age", I touched on the speed and ...

Diversus Group’s CTO Test Drives Zerto

Guest Blog with Zerto by Matthew Agoni, CTO Diversus Group Zerto is one of those vendors that I have been aware of for a while and has ...

Fear of the Unknown: Navigating Tools of the New Digital Age

Technology and Managing Data in the Digital Age There have been significant moments in the history of the enterprise that have revolutionised the game. With technology rapidly ...

How to: Stop Underestimating Employees and Stop Overestimating the System

Advancements in cybersecurity have been growing exponentially, increasingly though we are fighting an automated adversary who is benefiting from the falling costs of compute to launch attacks.

What do you want to do with your data?

For a number of years now, cloud computing has been one of the most hyped subjects from the board room to IT operations. The extremely security-conscious or risk adverse have been hesitant to move their data and workloads into the cloud while others have embraced the public cloud.

Data Protection in a Cloud Based Economy

Traditional enterprise data protection focused on a strong perimeter fence – storing, managing and protecting data (often across multiple sites).
This approach worked when the data was stored inside our own network. We held the keys to the door and our business applications and data didn’t need to leave our own environment.

The Benefits of Converged Infrastructure (CI)

Converged Infrastructure (CI) combines and optimizes multiple information technology components – compute, networking and storage – so they operate as a cohesive whole.

How to Create a Cloud Policy for your Small Business

As you begin to move your company away from a physical infrastructure and into the cloud, it’s important to make sure that proper security policies are in place. While you may have a general information security policy, don’t think that absolves your organisation from the need for a specific cloud security policy. The dangers that come along with using cloud software or infrastructure are markedly different than those of the typical security concerns encountered by most organisations.

Awareness of Microsoft 365 temporary feature adjustments

Microsoft announced temporary adjustments to Office 365 to accommodate new growth and demand

To best support our Microsoft 365 customers worldwide and accommodate new growth and demand during these unprecedented times, we’re making temporary adjustments to select non-essential capabilities. We do not expect these changes to have significant impact on the end users experience but wanted to make you aware.

Examples of changes we may make include:

  • how often we check for presence
  • the interval in which we show when the other party is typing
  • video resolution

We will provide further updates to this Message center post should the situation change. 

NetApp Recognises Diversus Group as Cloud Leader – NetApp Cloud First Partner

With over 13 years’ experience in designing, deploying and supporting business technology solutions built on NetApp, nobody knows NetApp and The Cloud like the team at Diversus Group.

Solve your data management problems with Diversus Group and NetApp Cloud Data Services.

As NetApps’ largest sub-contracted professional services delivery partner in Australia, Diversus Group has been recognised as a NetApp Cloud First partner.

Read more

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Reduce your Cloud cost without reducing your Cloud resources

Use cases for Robotic Process Automation

Most common use cases for RPA

The Privacy Act & Notifiable Data Breaches

Ensure that your organisation is compliant with, and meets the requirements of The Privacy Act (Australia)

Cybersecurity Blueprint for Schools

Keeping students and staff safe while maintaining a modern & engaging learning environment.

Diversus Group Capability Statement

Partner with one of Australia’s leading business and technology consulting organisations.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Protect your organisations Microsoft Office 365 data from threats or accidental deletion.

Procure IT on your terms. Capex, Opex or a Combination of Both

Preserving working capital and cash for investment in core business activity while providing dynamic IT services and solutions to end users.

Looking for the best converged Infrastructure

Five Criteria for Making a Informed Investment

Managed Services

Maximise the ROI and minimise operational risk by including Managed Services from Diversus Group

Cyber Security

Detecting and responding to cyber security incidents

Cleondris Data Manager

Cleondris Data Management Software

Extend and Enhance your NetApp Data Management Capabilities

Maximise the ROI and simplify data management with your NetApp infrastructure by including Cleondris Data Manager – the ultimate add-on for NetApp ONTAP and HCI.

Key Features:

  • Index & Search – Files, Folders & Snapshots
  • Restore Files, Directories and VM’s
  • Snapshot Based Backups & SnapMirror Replication
  • Eliminate NDMP Backups
  • VMWare Integrated
  • Single File Restores – Linux & Windows
  • Deploy Into Existing NetApp Environments (Snaphot & SnapMirror Replication)
  • Agentless

Download our Cleondris Data Manager Report – HERE

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