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Our Capability Statement

Partner with one of Australia’s leading business and technology consulting organisations.

In the digital age, it’s all about data and end user experience.

Everything that underlies our personal and our business lives is digital in nature. At Diversus Group, we help you get the digital age right. Through the provision of advice and technology we assist our customers drive long term & sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Mission Is Your Success

Our customers choose Diversus Group as their trusted technology partner to address their digital transformation, cyber security and cloud challenges. Why?

  • Because we consult first
  • Because we have national coverage and support
  • Because our people, processes and methodologies have been repeatably proven
  • We provide our clients the peace of mind that their business is running in a safe and secure environment. We do this by delivering high-quality, well thought-out IT solutions that are focused on measurable business outcomes. Our brand is built on trust, our trust has been built on sound execution and quality

    How We Help

    At Diversus Group (“DG”), we help your business gain a competitive advantage and increased customer satisfaction by providing secure and robust business technology solutions.
    From supplying a single point product or service through to the most complex of hybrid or multi cloud architectures, we work in conjunction with you to design and deploy the right solution to meet your needs. If appropriate, we also supply the required software, hardware, application or subscription service.
    We focus on ensuring that you have flexibility and scale enabling application & data portability across all cloud platforms. The end result – the ability to deploy the right workload, in the right place, at the right time to suit your business and operational requirements.
    We take care of the technology so you can focus on what you do best.

    What We Offer – Our Core Business Services

    To best support our customers, our business is structured around four core business services.

  • IT Consulting & Professional Services
  • Technology Fulfilment
  • IT Managed Services
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • How We Can Help – Our Services Capability

    The Business Services offered by DG through our IT Consulting, Professional and Managed Services include the following categories:

  • Architecture
  • Benchmarking
  • Cyber Security Management
  • Data Centre & Cloud
  • Data & Information Management
  • End-User Computing
  • ICT Strategy
  • Network Management
  • Risk Management
  • ICT Program & Project Management
  • ICT Infrastructure Management
  • Systems and Solutions
  • Where We Focus – Our Technology Solution Practices

    From a single product through to an entire integrated business solution spanning multiple platforms our Technology Practices have you covered.


    From a single storage array, SaaS license or VDI deployment through to a complex hybrid multi cloud solution, Diversus Group‘s IT infrastructure & Cloud solutions allow you to manage your data and applications, in the right place, at the right time on highly scalable, secure and cost effective platforms.


    Diversus Group helps organisations to seamlessly secure their entire environment – from the datacenter, branch and remote offices, devices at the edge as well as the public cloud. Utilising state of the art threat prevention, detection and response systems along with compliance governance so that you, your Board & Executives can sleep a little easier.

    RPA & AI

    Leverage RPA with Diversus Group to automate and improve your business processes. Reduce errors & improve accuracy, significantly reduce processing time & cost, increase end user customer experience (Cx) and meet compliance requirements. Free up your knowledgeable staff from the mundane and utilize their capabilities to the organisations advantage whilst improving job satisfaction.

    Who We Partner With – Strategic Technology Partnerships & Vendor Capability

    We predominately focus on providing outcomes built upon our strategic technology partners, which include the major public cloud providers, global software and hardware vendors and XaaS providers. Product selection is ultimately based on the clients business and functional requirements, rather than a specific vendor alliance and therefore in addition to our tier one global technology vendors we maintain capability and have relationships with several ‘competing’ and niche technology vendors.

    Our History

    Established in 2006, we have built our reputation on delivering the highest quality consulting, professional and managed services along with robust and scalable business IT solutions.
    Unknown to many, we provide professional consulting services that augments the staff of one of largest independent data management companies globally. This was the birth of a business model that has become one of the most trusted brands in the Australian IT market. At Diversus Group we continue to invest in our people, diversification, culture and customers. We address our customers immediate needs, whilst providing a solid roadmap for their future.

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    Partner with one of Australia’s leading business and technology consulting organisations.
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